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26 March 2011

eSQUIRE / Off-beat Interview

The funky uplifting house sounds of British house acts eSQUIRE and Off-beat are rapidly taking over dance floors all over the world. We thought it was time for a word with the man behind these acts: Lee Squires.

Nonstop2k: Hey Lee, thanks for having us. What keeps you busy at the moment?
Lee: This week I’ve been doing an eSQUIRE remix for a US artist and getting some tracks ready for 2 gigs in Russia.

Nonstop2k: How did you get into music?
Lee: Bought decks when I was 17 with my student loan and used to spend all my money on vinyls, I studied I.T at college too so started getting into the computer music side through that and it all escalated from there really!

Nonstop2k: You frequently use two aliases, eSQUIRE and Off-beat. What do you see as the main difference between your eSQUIRE and your Off-beat productions?
Lee: I would say the offbeat is more tougher and big room, and eSQUIRE is more funky!

Nonstop2k: Are there any other aliases you use, or have used?
Lee: Nope not for house!

Nonstop2k: Which of your tracks are you most proud of to date?
Lee: Probably the recent Adele - Someone like you remix I did, also Barflyz - I Can’t Help Myself which I done for Hed Kandi a few years back

Nonstop2k: Recently you finished a track you started in 2008 (eSQUIRE 2011 ReRub of Lee Cabrera - Shake It). How long does it normally take you to finish up a production?
Lee: Probably about day but will take another day listening back and changing things

Nonstop2k: What can we find in your studio?
Lee: In my studio I have a PC running Cubase 6, a MIDI keyboard and Event Studio monitors, I don’t have any hardware. I have recently got a Macbook Pro too which I’m running Cubase 6 on so I can produce on either.

Nonstop2k: Name your top3 synths of the moment and where you mostly use them for.
Lee: Nexus2 for pianos and synths, Sylenth for basslines and Zebra2 for a bit of everything!

Nonstop2k: How often do you use Nonstop2k? ;)
Lee: Used to use it a lot to get my dance music MIDI’s when I first started out, I’m not trained on Piano so still need a bit of help now and again so still pop by for a few ideas!

Nonstop2k: If you could choose any artist in the world to work with, dead or alive, who would it be?
Lee: Ermm in house music would have to be Axwell.

Nonstop2k: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Lee: Probably all the big house artists over the past 10 years who've made big vocal house tracks, Axwell, Seamus Haji, Freemasons, Raul Rincon, Steve Angello, Ian Carey.

Nonstop2k: If you had to choose between sex and music, what would you pick?
Lee: Sex!

Nonstop2k: What can we expect from you in 2011?
Lee: More big vocal piano tracks.

Nonstop2k: Thank you for this interview!
Lee: No worries!!!!

If you want to find out more about eSQUIRE or Off-beat check out facebook:

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