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20 March 2011

Nifra Interview

Nonstop2k catches up with one of the few female appearances in the trance and progressive scene: Nifra. - Hello Nifra thanks for having us! How are you?
Hi. I’m doing great, thanks :) I’m pretty busy at the moment. Studying, finishing tracks before Miami the next week. - You have reached episode 50 in your 'Be Progressed' radio show. Congrats! how does it feel?
Thank you! If you think of it the number 50 isn’t that big, but since my radio show is monthly, it took me 4 years to reach 50th episode. The show expanded and gained a lot of fans, which is very important to me :) - What is the story behind your first release 'Ready'?
I started to work on ”Ready” and I remember going through Beatport with Marcus listening to the trance section and some of the stuff was horrific. So Marcus encouraged me and said “ U can do better than this” and sent me to studio with words “ Don’t come back till you are finished”. So yeah that’s how it happened. I’m huge fan of Coldharbour sound and Markus Schulz has been a great inspiration to me so was incredibly happy when “Ready” got signed to Coldharbour. - How did you come across producing? And how did you start?
I wanted to be producer since I was 13. The region I come from was quite behind at that time. Not many dance music producers at all, in fact not a single dance music producer in my hometown. So I used to listen to German music channels all the time and getting trance CD’s, which was quite hard. My friend told me about this “great thing” Ejay and I was like “ Woow I have to try that”. So I spent the next days playing with that software but it bored me to death because it was just like moving loops and prerecorded melodies around. I wanted something which I could be more creative with. Then I got my hands on fruity loops and I could spent so much time creating tracks. I totally fell in love with producing. Later when I met Marcus, he introduced me to Ableton. I could not believe how easy was to use it. I love the fact that you can work really fast there. - If we walked into your studio right now what would we see?
So if you would walk into my studio on the right side you would see my working desk with pair of Yamaha HS80 monitors with my keyboard, Novation remote midi controller and my PC of course. On the left side you would see the main studio PC, pair of Genelec 8240A monitors and some fancy synths like Dave Smith Prophet, Moog Voyageur, Nord Rack, Virus Ti, rack with soundcard RME Fireface 800, SSl G series cmp and Aphex exciter. On the desk is laying Mackie Big knob to control the monitors and also Akai APC40. - What are your top 3 synths or most used tools? And why?
The first would be Sylenth. I have been using it for basslines in my last 4 tracks and covers probably 80% of leads in my tunes. The 2nd place I would divide between Tracks, Surge and Discovery and the 3rd most used thing is the hw SSl compressor. - What would be the best advice you could give an upcoming producer?
To not give up and if they really like it then they should go for it. - You have quite some releases coming up both original and remixes. How do you approach a remix or start your very own track?
Sometimes I need a vision before I start on the remix, sometimes I just experiment and it just happens. Sometimes when I’m stuck I try to have the bassline or vocal from the remix in my head and make melodies to it whenever I’m thinking of it. That’s what happened with my remix for Julian Vincent. The whole breakdown was created in my head and then I just walked into the studio and wrote it. When it comes to my own tunes, first I create bassline or main lead or chord progression and then I build around it. - You have your own unique sound. How have you achieved such level?
I think each artist has its own unique style unless u copy someone 150%. I guess I just got inspired by different things and put all the elements I like into my own production. But of course the sound develops :) - Which one artist would you love to collab with?
I admire Rex Mundi’s production. Besides that he does exactly what I like, his
stuff has this timeless sparkle which a lot of today’s production lacks. - Who is the one to watch out for?
There is a lot of upcoming producers from Slovakia. I would say keep your eyes open for guys like Mathias Moor, Pizzadox, Shato & Brightshare :) - What will you have in store for us in 2011? Any more collabs with Marcus?
Some of the stuff which u can hear from me this year is in my “Music update” video. My single “Strangers” which features vocals from Elleah is coming out on Armada, then my remix for estionian couple Yep& Land and the tracks is called Nevertheless, also features vocals from Manon Polare and then there is another single of mine which has more old Nifra stuff vibe :) About collab between me and Marcus, yes, we plan new Progresia & Nifra this year. “Different ways” had such an amazing success so it would be stupid from us to not make something new. - We wish you all the best Nifra and thanks for having us!
Thank you!

If you are curious about Nifra’s upcoming releases check out her youtube channel

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