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26 April 2011

Review: Carl Louis & Martin Danielle – Little EP

Every once in a while you hear a track that instantly blows you away. Steve Angello’s record label Size Records has recently released Little EP by Norwegian duo Carl Louis & Martin Danielle which contains two vocal house tracks that do precisely this!

The first track on this EP is Little Bit, which features vocals by Colonel Red. The song starts off at an easy pace with a soft kick drum, a percussive element and a filtered synth that slowly becomes more present until the first chord comes in. From this moment tension rises when the filter is gradually opened up until the first break. Here we hear the beautiful chord progressions of the melody, which sound very much like Axwell, in full force for the first time. Just a few seconds later heaven breaks loose when the kick comes in with full power, banging!
The second break gives us a moment to breathe again when the lead synth makes room for a piano and we get to enjoy the vocals. The kick soon reappears to make sure you won’t stand still. In the third break tension rises to the maximum when the main synth is introduced again. With its strong climax we can get banging again! After a good four and a half minute the song slowly builds down to its end, leaving you in a euphoric state.

I’m Coming Home With You, the second track on this EP, follows a similar structure to Little Bit and has the same Axwell vibe to it. The intro builds up slowly, but has an additional break before the strong kick comes in. The first chord is introduced around the same time and in the following break, the melody and its sound are fully exposed as well. There are some differences too, the main part is longer and the way the break and vocals are arranged are slightly different. This track is completely piano-driven and feels groovier than Little Bit.

With Little EP, Carl Louis & Martin Danielle deliver two quality vocal house tracks. They both have an Axwell feel to them, but that is never a bad thing. Excellent festival tracks for this summer! Even though we already knew it did, this release could be scientific proof: Size matters!


Carl Louis & Martin Danielle 'Little EP' by sizerecords

Released by: Size Records
Release date: Apr 20, 2011
Available exclusively on beatport.

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