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08 April 2011

Review: The Thrillseekers - Song For Sendai

This time around, recent world calamities have molded what is to make a huge impact on the Trance scene, and whom better than "The Thrillseekers" to leave such an imprint. "Song For Sendai" a bold, intense track of epic proportions, will make waves on the dance floor and we are happy to report, those waves are of the audio-motional kind.

We can expect nothing but pure bliss from Steve Helstrip's new creation, which focuses on nostalgia, global unification and the might of hope. Overtones of love, despair, sadness, togetherness and peace act as the foundation of this new addition to "The Thrillseekers"'s opus. Bringing the whole world together in harmony in hazardous times is pitched to the EDM world and felt as the most importantly beautiful and heart felt aftershock from multimedia coverage surrounding the ordeal recently experienced by Japan. Would you be surprised to know, an anagram of the words "Song_For_Sendai" makes: Info Dares Song. We are not.

Words by Dany Oghia.

Song for Sendai was inspired by the images broadcast to the world following the recent events in Japan. Having just returned from a week-long tour there, Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers) found it impossible to remove those images from his thoughts and felt compelled to help in some way. Therefore, all proceeds from this release will be given to the Japanese Red Cross to assist with their relief efforts.

The cover art displays the Japanese saying 'kishi kaisei', meaning 'to recover from a desperate situation and overcome adversity'. The Thrillseekers hope the portrayal of this can be heard in the music.

Thrillseekers - Song for Sendai

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