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19 April 2011

Track Review Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut feat. Jamie Principle - I'll Take You There

With winter behind us on the northern hemisphere, many labels are about to release music which in a few months will remind us of summer 2011. One of the records with the potential of doing this is the upcoming release of one of the founding fathers of house music: Frankie Knuckles. Together with other early house pioneers Eric Kupper and vocalist Jamie Principle, came the track I’ll Take You There, which breathes summer all over again. The EP comes with 3 versions of the track: Director's Cut Classic Signature Mix, The Shapeshifters Remix & Dimitri from Paris Re-Edit.

We start off with the classic mix which is a fine example of Ibiza-style house music. This mix is characterized by beautiful chord progressions and has a warm piano sound throughout the track. The song builds up with a nice smooth baseline and melodies. The dreamy vocals suit the mood of the song perfectly. I’m pretty sure that you would have no problem imagining yourself at the beach, watching the sunrise on some subtropical island when hearing this song.

The second mix on the EP is by British dance act The Shapeshifters. This track is the most different of the three mixes and is most suitable for a club night. The song builds up with a nice driving bassline and funky stabs. After a mini-break the main lead is introduced, which is not as melodic as you might expect from earlier Shapeshifters productions, but who cares when it will get you moving! The break really takes you away with its warm string sounds. It’s a shame however that we don’t hear the beautiful piano progression anywhere.

Out of the three the Dimitri From Paris Re-Edit is our favorite. Sounding close to the original, with the same warm piano, basslines and melodies, the structure of this track is amazing. A beautifully composed intro gets you in the mood, even better than the classic mix. Pure summer bliss!

All in all this is a very solid release on Noctural Groove, with some good news for the vinyl junkies amongst us. Not only will this EP be available as a digital download, it will also be published on vinyl! And even though it still is two months before summer, we recommend you to close your eyes and let the music take you there already. This EP sure does.


Released by: Nocturnal Groove
Release date: Apr 27, 2011

Frankie Knuckles pres. Director's Cut feat. Jamie Principle - I'll Take You There by NocturnalGroove

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